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1. The CSOL Championships will take place in Dhekelia Station during the period 15 - 16 April 2015. The aim of this instruction is to provide information and administrative details for this two-day event.
2. The Individual Championships will take place on Wednesday 15 April 2015 followed by a Harris Team Relay on Thursday 16 April 2015.  
a. Day 1 (AM) - Individual Event, A and B courses.
Registration opens 0930
Course opens   1000
Registration closes 1130
Course closes 1300
b. Day 1 (PM) – CSOL AGM (1400 – 1500).
c. Day 2 (AM) - Harris Team Relay.  Units may enter as many 3-man teams as they wish, with the first 3 teams receiving awards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. 
Registration opens 0900
Registration closes 0930
Mass brief 0945
Mass start 1000
Course closes 1200
d.      Day 3 (AM) – Non Competitive Falttavlan Event (tbc).  This is an aspiration of the      planner to include a Falttavlan style event involving Orienteering circuits and shooting on the ETR range.  This will be subject to the availability of range staff and sentries from the RIB and availability of competitors. Please express an interest and your availability for this event in your return.
Event Details
3. Land Clearance.  Clearance for the use of this area was granted by kind permission of the Station Commander, Dhekelia on the 16 Feb 15.  
4. Competition Coordination.  Both events are being organised by the Army Orienteering Association (AOA).  The event Planner is Lt Col (Ret’d) Tony Farrow; event Controller is yet to be confirmed.  Normal AOA and CSOL rules apply.
5. Eligibility.   All BFC or UNFICYP personnel and CSOL civilians who have run during the CSOL season Sep 14 – Mar 15 are eligible to enter both the individual and team events.  Non-CSOL (guest) runners are welcome to participate but civilians must have personal accident insurance and are not eligible for prizes.  
6. Registration.   A fee of €15.00 will be charged to each competing unit regardless of the number in individuals and teams entered.  Any number of runners may enter the Individual Championships but teams for the Harris Relay must comprise of teams of three.  Each team is to complete the registration form at Annex A and return by 06 Apr 15 to allow time for the correct number of maps to be printed and accommodation allocated.  
7. Maps.   Maps will be pre-marked and printed on waterproof paper for both days.  As both the existing Dhekelia Ranges and Dhekelia Station maps have been used extensively over the past couple of years, new maps have been specifically produced for this year’s championships.  There will also have been significant map updates by Apr 15.  The scale for both events will be 1:10,000
8. Embargoed Areas.  All off-road areas around Dhekelia Ranges and Dhekelia Station are OOB during the following periods:
a. Tue 14 Apr 15 (all day) 
b. Weds 15 Apr 15 (before 1000 and after 1300) 
c. Thu 16 Apr 15 (before 1000)
9. Punching System.  The punching system used will be EMIT.  Participating units with their own EMIT cards may bring and use them.  CSOL cards are available for all other runners free of charge.  Backup labels are available for EMIT cards should participants wish to use them.
10. Courses.  Two courses will be available for the individual championships on 15 Apr 15.  The A course (AOA A, BOF Brown, TD5) will be approximately 7km.  The B course (AOA B, BOF Green, TD5) will be about 5.5km.  As this is the end of season championships, both of these courses will be slightly longer and harder than normal CSOL league events where Blue and Red courses have been used.
11. Accommodation.  Limited accommodation may be available on request
12. Transport.  Participating teams will require their own transport to and from the event.  Vehicle details for any non-BFC vehicle requiring access to Dhekelia Station should be forwarded to the undersigned no later than 06 Apr 15.
13. Insurance.  This competition is military training in accordance with 2014 DIN 07-65. Therefore all service participants are on duty for the duration of this event, including travel time. To ensure that full insurance is provided, all team captains are to publish their team’s participation on their unit daily orders.
14. Safety.   All personnel are to carry a safety whistle and a compass.  Full leg cover is advised but not mandatory.  The duty medic at Dhekelia Station will provide event support.  A completed Risk Assessment is attached at Annex B.
15. Security.  All participants who do not hold a British Military ID card are to forward the following details, via their team captain, no later than 06 Apr 15:
Date of Birth
Place of Birth
Nationality at birth (if different)
Cypriot Identity Card (CIC) Number (for Cypriot nationals only)
Passport Number and expiry date (for all other nationalities)
16. CIC and/or Passport must be brought to the event as proof of identity.
17. CSOL Annual General Meeting (AGM).  A quick AGM will take place between 1400 -1500 on Wednesday 15 Apr 15 in the registration area.  Items for inclusion on the agenda should be sent to CSOL Secretary prior to 06 Apr 15.
18. Prize giving.  CSOL 2014/2015 League and Championships awards will be presented at a prize giving ceremony which will take after the Harris Event on Thu 16 Apr 15.  
19. Hopefully all administrative details have been covered in this instruction.  However, if any further information is required, please don’t hesitate to ask.  Team captains are expected to brief all their personnel regarding kit and equipment.
20. Orienteering is a fast, challenging and exciting sport and the advantages of combining navigation with fitness are obvious for all military personnel.  Many participants at this year’s CSOL Championships will be novices and therefore, beginners should not be put off.  You’ll be surprised at just how well you do!
Original Signed
G J Osborne
Secretary CSOL
Championships Coordinator
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