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Event 3 2014 -2015 PDF Print E-mail
Mt Olympus & Sun Valley – WED 1 OCT 14 (UPDATED DATE)
Location: Registration will take place at the Mt Olympus Ski Resort, in the Sun Valley Restaurant.
Travel: From Troodos Square, head NW along the E910 toward Mt Olympus.  Follow this road for approx 1.9km, until you reach a junction with Olympus sign posted left (A kite will be placed at this junction).  Turn left and continue up the hill for a further 800m until you reach the Ski Resort Car Park.
Timings: Registration will be available from 1000hrs and the course will be open from 1015hrs. Last start will be at 1330hrs and the course will close at 1430hrs.
Courses: This course will be a score event run as per CSOL rules, with all participants having the same map regardless of experience.  Runners will have 60 mins to navigate to as many check points as they can, the values of which will vary depending on distance and technical difficulty.  One point will be deducted for every 6 seconds (or part thereof) over the target time of 60 mins.
Terrain: Rocky and rough wooded area with steep slopes.  Plenty of features and contour lines to navigate by.  There is an OOB area to the north, covering an area of 500m of the NG Site.
Map: 1:10,000. Mt Olympus & Sun Valley, updated Oct 2004.  Maps will be pre-marked and control descriptions provided.  Units with a large number of participants are requested to contact the event planner at least 48hrs prior to the event so that sufficient maps can be printed.
Equipment: Runners are to provide their own compass and whistle.  Full leg coverage is recommended.
Facilities: Toilets are available at the Ski Resort, but are basic.   Water will be available at the registration area and the cafeteria will also be open for hot beverages at personal cost.
Important information: There is a Risk of Thunder Storms at Troodos and Olympus
and if a Warning is in place the event will be postponed.
Please ring 25967106 or 25967108 before you leave your location to ensure the event is still running.
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