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Event 11 2013 -2014 PDF Print E-mail

Mt Olympus & Troodos– 9 Apr 14

Location: Registration will take place outside the front gates of Troodos Station.

Travel: From Troodos Square, head towards Troodos Station. If travelling from Limassol, turn right at the roundabout, all other directions head straight over. A kite will be posted at the correct exit. Opposite the main entrance to the Camp is a large clearing, registration will take place here.

Timings: Registration will be available from 0900hrs and the course will be open from 0915hrs. Last start will be at 1130hrs and the course will close at 1230hrs.


Blue Course (A) - A technically difficult course (TD5) of approximately 6.5 kms

Red Course (B) - A less difficult course (TD3) of approximately 4.5 kms.

Terrain: Rocky and rough wooded area with steep slopes. Plenty of features and contour lines to navigate by. There are various OOB areas annotated on the map.

Map: 1:10,000. Mt Olympus and Troodos. Maps will be pre-marked and control descriptions provided. Units with a large number of participants are requested to contact the event planner at least 48hrs prior to the event so that sufficient maps can be printed.

Equipment: Runners are to provide their own compass and whistle. Full leg coverage is recommended.

Facilities: Water will be available at the registration area and there are cafeterias in Troodos square that will be open for hot beverages at personal cost.

Important information: There is a Risk of Thunder Storms at Troodos and Olympus
and if a Warning is in place the event will be postponed.

Please ring 25967106 or 25967108 before you leave your location to ensure the event is still running.
Contact JFIG JSSO Cy-OPS TRF T ENG3 (Johnson, Jonathan Cpl) or JFIG JSSO Cy-OPS TRF T OP6 (Acton, Alexander Sgt) if you have any further queries.

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