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Event 14 2012 -2013 PDF Print E-mail

Date: Wednesday 27 Mar 13

Location: Radio Sonde.  Registration, will take place at the Happy Valley running track.

Travel: Exit the A6 Motorway at Junction 37, sign-posted for Paramali. Turn left at the end of the slip road and follow the B6 heading East towards Episkopi Garrison.

Timings: The course will be open between 0630 – 0800 and 0900 – 1200 hrs.

• Brown - (AOA A, 7.5km, Technical Difficultly = 5, Physical Difficulty = 5)
• Green - (AOA B, 5km, Technical Difficultly = 5, Physical Difficulty = 4)
As this is the final event of the season, both of these courses are HARD but provide an ideal training opportunity prior to the CSOL Championships.  Height gained on the Brown course is much greater than normally expected.  Complete beginners should NOT attempt either the Brown or Green courses.
• Orange - (AOA C, 4km, Technical Difficultly = 3, Physical Difficulty = 3)
A much easier course around Happy Valley and is an ideal option for novices.  Note: 500 league points will be awarded to the winner of the Orange course (normal scoring formula applies thereafter).  Please encourage new beginners.

Terrain:  Radio Sonde (or W5 Trg Area) has not been used for a CSOL event since Feb 2008.  It is a large area which stretches from South Paramali Beach all the way up to the A6 Motorway.   It is bisected by the B6 which runs West to East straight through the middle.  To the south of the B6, the ground is mostly cultivated land, interspersed with small patches of bondu and some steep-sided valleys.  To the north of the B6 is a large area of bondu of varying density which drops down some very large and steep-sided slopes to Happy Valley.

Map: 1:10,000 CSOL Radio Sonde Map dated Feb 13.  The mapper has chosen to change the colours/symbols for bondu and feedback is requested from runners after the event.  Maps will be printed to A3 size. Units with a large number of participants are requested to contact the event planner at least 48hrs prior to the event so that sufficient maps can be printed.  A first glace is given below:

Equipment: Runners are to provide their own compass, whistle and map case.  Full leg coverage is essential for the Brown and Green courses but is not necessary for the Orange course.

Facilities: Showers, toilets and water will be available at the registration point.

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