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Event 6 2011-2012 PDF Print E-mail

The sixth event in the Cyprus Services Orienteering League for the 2011-2012 Season, will be held on WEDNESDAY 25 January 2012 and will take place at RAF Akrotiri, planned/controlled/organised by FS Steve Collins / Cpl Wayne Byrne / SAC Ross Griffiths.

Details of the event are as follows:


Date: WEDNESDAY 25 January 2012

Location: RAF Akrotiri.

Travel:  Enter RAF Akrotiri via the main gate; parking will be signed 500m on the left. You will need ID to access the unit and a temporary vehicle pass, if it is not a Service vehicle.

Timings: Registration will be open from 0930 to 1345. Starts will be available from 0945 to 1400 the courses will close at 1530.


A Course - A moderately technical course of approximately 6.00 KMs

B Course - A less technical course of approximately 4 kms.

Terrain: Undulating bondu with lots of vegetation and plenty of roads, tracks and paths

Map: The 1:10,000 Akrotiri West Map last updated 2005. There is more vegetation than mapped but it’s still mostly run able! Maps will be pre-marked. Loose control descriptions will be available.

Equipment: Runners are to provide their own compass and whistle. 

Full leg coverage is highly recommended.

Facilities: There are toilets and showers available at the gym, (2km). Water will be provided at the finish. There are many places to eat at RAF Akrotiri, more info will be available on the day.


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