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The fourth event in the Cyprus Services Orienteering League for the 2011-2012 Season will be held on Fri 02 December 11 and will take place at Dhekelia Garrison, hosted by 2 Royal Anglian. 

Details of the event are as follows:

Date: Friday 02 December 2011

Location: Dhekelia Garrison, ESBA

Travel:  Registration will take place on the outside Lions Gym. Enter the garrison from the South gate and take an immediate left turn for the gymnasium parking area. The roads leading to the south gate will be signed with orienteering markers.

Garrison Access: The event will take place inside Dhekelia Garrison. British military employees can gain access to the garrison by showing a valid MOD 90 identification card. Military vehicles will be allowed onto the garrison after displaying a valid works ticket.
Civilian vehicles driven by military personnel will have to obtain a temporary car pass at the south gate by providing a valid British military identity card and valid vehicle tax, registration and insurance documents. Alternatively you may follow the instructions for civilians driving civilian vehicles below.
Civilians driving civilian vehicles should use the public parking at Cessacs shop opposite the south gate and walk to the gymnasium. The walk should take 5 minutes and will be signed. Civilians will require identification to be allowed onto camp.

Timings: Registration will be available from 0930 hrs and the course will be open from 0945 hrs. Last start will be at 1130 hrs and the course will close at 1245 hrs.


A Course - A moderately technical course of approximately 5.5 kms
B Course - A less technical course of approximately 4.0 kms.

Terrain: The ground is mixed open bondu crossed by various paths and tracks and isolated urban areas.

Map: 1:10,000.  Maps will be pre marked with loose control descriptions.

Equipment: Runners are to provide their own compass and whistle.  Full leg coverage is not necessary but recommended.

Facilities: Toilets will be available inside the gymnasium. Water will be available at the registration area.

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