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Event 9 2010-2011 PDF Print E-mail

1. The last Cyprus Services Orienteering League event will take place 1 Apr 11 at Episkopi hosted by HQ BFC.

2. Details of the event are as follows:


Event Details 

Date: Fri 1 Apr 11

Location: Episkopi

Travel:  The event will be accessible through Episkopi Camp.  Signed from the front gate. Turn right at the first roundabout, straight on at the second and turn left at the third.  Exit the camp and follow the road until signed into the car park (the old go-kart track).
If individuals believe they will have a problem accessing the camp they are to contact Capt Grainger ASAP.

Timings: Registration will be available from 0945 hrs and the course will be open from 1000 last start will be 1300 and the course will close at 1400.


A Course - Physically and Technically challenging course of approximately 5.0 km
B Course - Physically and Technically challenging course of approximately 4.3 km

Though the map is the same as the event in Oct, only 1 control site from that event is being used and this event has been planned to provide training for the individual championship event in May, there is a considerable amount of climb!
Terrain: The area comprises mostly open cultivated fields with a limited track and path network.  There are several steep declines and inclines with multiply cliff faces.

Map: 1:10,000.  Maps will be pre-marked.  Loose control descriptions will be available.

Equipment: Runners are to provide their own compass. Full leg coverage is recommended.
No whistle no run; due to the steep inclines and declines.

Facilities: The camp has a café, snug and ERMES for refreshments and a gym which can be accessed for toilets, there will be NO toilets at the registration area. 
Water will be available in the registration area.

3. If units intend to bring more than 6 runners they must inform the organiser to ensure sufficient quantities of maps are available.

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